What is Flow Meter

The flow meter is a device which calculates the current flow rate of the fluid passing through the pipeline. Flow rate might be in terms of volumetric or mass units, Depending upon the end user’s need.  After calculating the current flow rate, it shows total consumption of your process through its totalizer screen. Many types of flow meters available in the global market for the different need of flow measurement.

Further, Flow meter have more batch option which will control the quantity of fluid passing through the pipeline. for eg. you required 100 liters of solvent in your one process, you just have to give the command to flow meter and after passing 100 liters it will give potential free contact to the solenoid valve. And valve will shut off due to this. 

Digital flow meters used in industry

Mechanical flow meters used in industry

How to select a flow meter?

When selecting a flow meter, follow the steps below:

  • What Gas or Liquid will be measured?
  • Minimum and maximum flow rates.
  • What are the accuracy requirements?
  • The fluid temperature and viscosity.
  • Fluid compatibility with the materials of construction.
  • The maximum pressure at the location.
  • What pressure drop is allowable?
  • Will the meter be mounted in a hazardous location where explosive gases may be present?
  • Is the fluid flow continuous or intermittent?
  • What type of output signal or readout do you need?

The following table groups the various types of flow meter manufactured by Process Control Devices (PCD) according to their suitability for liquid, gas, steam and slurry applications.

Bar design gas flow meter

what is flow meter

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