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What is Gas?  Gas is one of the four fundamental states of matter along with solid, liquid, and plasma. Also, define as a state of matter consisting of particles that have neither a defined volume nor defined shape. It is a sample of matter that occupies the shape of a container or closed loop. Under the ordinary condition, the gaseous state comes between liquid and plasma state. In order to measure this fluid, the gas flow meter is used and the density of gas depends on its temperature and pressure. Gas also refers to vapour if not confined to the container as it disperses into the atmosphere. Gas can also be compressed as the molecules of gases are far from each other. We are the Gas flow meter manufacturer in India.

Why Measure Gas?

Gas flow meters is a device used for measuring the flow and quantity of a moving gas through close loop. Measuring the flow of fluids is an essential part of any industrial process. Accurate flow measurements permit process operators to properly monitor and control flow. The selection of good and suitable flow meter is a clear understanding of the parameters surrounding a particular application. These may include gas type, density, viscosity, possible contaminants or corrosive elements, temperature, pressure, pipe or system size, etc. It can also be classified based on type, performance specifications, and features.

Thermal Dispersion Technology for Gas Flow Meter

Thermal mass flow meter often refers as heat dispersion meter. It operates by observing the cooling effect on heated transducer as the fluid flows. It has two sensors, one is temperature sensor another is heater transducer. Temperature sensor monitors the actual temperature of gas. while heater transducer maintain constant differential temperature between two sensor. Greater the velocity, greater will be cooling effect on heated sensor. Thus, thermal mass flow meter can measure direct mass flow.

Gas flow meter manufacturer

Process Control Devices is reputed Gas flow meter manufacturer in India. PCD is known for its excellent service after sales which makes us popular among the top flow meter manufacturers.

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