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orifice meter

Orifice meter is an instrument used for measuring the flow rate, for reducing pressure in pipe & for restricting flow in the pipe. The orifice flow meter is use in clean liquid, gas, and steam applications. The flow rate of fluids can be determine in volumetric or mass unit, depending on the customer need. Orifice flow meter works on the Bernoulli’s principle which states that “There is a relationship between the velocity of the fluid and the pressure of the fluid”. When the pressure increases, the velocity decreases, and vice versa.

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Construction of orifice flow meter

Orifice flow meter provides an easy and cheaper arrangement for the flow measurement through a pipe. Orifice flange assembly consists of a pair of flanges, Gasket, nut bolts. Most important orifice plate which is a thin circular plate with a sharp-edged concentric circular hole in it. The orifice plate is install concentric with the flanges or pipe with pressure tappings. Considering one of the three standard pairs covered by ISO 5167 and other standards. There are different types of orifice plate designs uses in industrial process plants for flow measurement. such as Square edge concentric, Quadrant edged, Conical entrance, Eccentric, Segment.

Features of orifice meter

Thickness of Orifice plates is approximately 3.18 to 6.35 mm
Installation of orifice plates is easy.
Orifice meters are the cost effective solution when it comes to flow measurement in larger pipelines.
The most employed material of orifice plate use is stainless steel, thus compatible for almost all type of fluids measurement.
turndown ratio of orifice plates is less than 5:1.
The accuracy of Orifice plates is good for high flow rates.
Orifice plates are suggested for clean fluids, gas and steam applications.
Orifice plates generally have an accuracy of 2 to 4% of full scale.
Viscosity effect of fluids is high in Orifice plates.
Orifice plates are accessible for all pipe sizes. In case, the pressure drop is free, these plates prove to be cheap and efficient for measurement of flows in large size pipes i.e. pipes having diameter range beyond inches 6 inches

  • maintenance 98% 98%
  • User Friendly 100% 100%
  • Accuracy 98% 98%
  • Perfomance 95% 95%

Application of Basket Strainer

Flanges : CS, ASTM A105, ASTM A182, ASTM A350, SS 304, SS 316

Orifice Plate: SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316 & SS 316L

Studs & Nuts: MS, SS, ASTM A193 Gr. B7/A194 Gr. 2h

Gaskets : SPIRAL WOUND, CAF, PTFE and AF120

Standards Applicable: Design – ISA RP 3.2 / DN 1952 / BS 1042 – 1981-84

Bore Calculation: ISO 5167 / BS 1042

Flanges: ANSI B-16-36 / or Equivalent

Types : Square edge concentric, Quadrant edges, Conical entrance, Eccentric.

Pressure Toppings: For 1″ to 16″ – Flange Taps / Corner Taps. Above 16″ – D x D/2

Available Options 

► Orifice plate with carrier ring assembly

► Only orifice plate

► Condensate Pot

► Orifice plate with weld neck raised face flange assembly

► Orifice plate with slip on raised face flange assembly

► Integral orifice flange assembly




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