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Description of Reflex Level Gauge

Process Control Devices offers a series of level indicators. Designed to measures the level of liquid in reactor tanks. The reflex level gauge used for the measurement of liquid level for high pressure or high temperature or toxic liquid storage tanks. The reflex level gauge has a single prism glass mounted on one side of the chamber and uses the basic optical principles of light reflection to upgrade the expression of the liquid level in the process tank.

In brief, when the light strikes the area of glass covered by the liquid is allow passing to the interior of the gauge so that the area appears dark (black). Thus the area which is vacant appears to be (silver) and can be distinguishing the difference from several feet away. We are the manufacturer of the reflex level gauge in Mumbai India.


Application: Liquids

Liquid Chamber (Wetted Part): MS, ASTM A105, SS 304, SS 316, PP

Cover Plate (Non Wetted Part): MS, ASTM A105, SS 304, SS 316, PP

Design Temperature: Up to 230°C

Design Pressure: Up to 40 Kg/cm²

C/C Distance: Up to 3000 mm

Connection: Flanged to ASA, BS, DIN, Socket Weld, Butt Weld

Silent Features

► Flat Seated Screen for Proper Seating

► Easy cleaning or replacing the filter element

► compact size

► Low-Pressure drop across the filter

►Adequate strength of element and body

► Protect damage of costly Pumps, Flow Meters, Heat Exchangers, Control et.

► Remove outside particles, mud, debris & trash

► Interchangeability of filter element with another of the same type

  • maintenance 98% 98%
  • User Friendly 100% 100%
  • Accuracy 98% 98%
  • Perfomance 95% 95%


► High-pressure vessels

► Pressure Vessle

► Boiler control

► Acid waste transportation

► Marine life science tank

► Spray wash liquid soap

► Remediation vacuum tank

► Chemical distributor tank

Available Options 

► Reflex level indicator with 2 no’s isolation valve and 1 no Drain valve

► Reflex level indicator without isolation and drain valve

► Reflex level indicator  with vertical connection

► Reflex level indicator with spring loaded push valve and drain valve.

► Reflex level indicator with frost free arrangement

► Reflex level indicator with high & low level switch

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