The rotameter is a simple mechanical device which indicates the instant flow rate of any fluid in the pipeline. It works on Bernoulli’s theorem. It consists of the flow tube, float, glands, guide rods, end connections, calibrated scale etc. The float uplifts smoothly up and down in tapered borosilicate glass tube. The float takes up a grip wherever buoyancy forces and also the float weight is balance in proportion to the instant rate of fluid. The vertical position of the float as indicated by scale is that the live of the flow rate.

These are the very economical model than digital flow meters available in the current market for calculating the instant flow rate. The drawback of them is you will not be able to keep the record of your daily ongoing process. There are many types of rotameters available in the current market as per their special structure to cater different industry needs. flowing media is the main aspect to select the wetted parts of a rotameters. for eg. PTFE lining is done for corrosive liquids or gasses. Below are major types of rotameters we manufacture at Process Control Devices. 


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