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capacitive level sensor

Description of Capacitive Level Sensor

Process Control Devices offers a series of liquids level transmitters designed for immersion in open Tanks, Wells, Groundwater and Reservoirs tanks. The capacitive level sensor, Switch, and Transmitter is suitable for level measurement and control of liquids, chemicals, and some slurry. The tank wall and sensor probe form the two electrodes of a capacitor.

When the level varies, the electrical capacitance between the electrodes also changes. This change is calculated by the electronics system and converted into an output signal. The performance of these instruments is not affected by the physical properties of the liquid such as density, conductivity, corrosive nature and viscosity. We are the reputed manufacturer of capacitance level transmitters in Mumbai India.


Range: 0 to 10 meters (depending upon probe)

Design Temperature: Up to 85°c

Design Pressure: Upto 15 Kg/cm²

Connection: Flanged to ASA, BS, DIN, Screwed BSP/NPT

Probe Material: SS304, SS304, SS316, SS316L, PTFE INSULATED

Display: 3 ½ Digit 0.5 “ LED/LCD

Transmitter output: 4-20 mAmp, 4 WIRE

Relay output: 1 NO +1 NC

Supply: 24VDC

Enclosure: Ex–Proof/ Weather Proof

Silent Features 

► Probes can be made out of Teflon or 316 stainless steel and can be adjusted to specific lengths that suit the application

► cable version is also available for distances up to 10 Meters

► Reliable detection even when objects are being fed.

► It can be applied to anything including powder, granules, and liquid.

► Not affected by dust, it can accurately measure the level.

► Safely measure a wide span with the probe design to be strong enough.

► Intrinsically safe design

► Flame proof enclosure

  • maintenance 98% 98%
  • User Friendly 100% 100%
  • Accuracy 98% 98%
  • Perfomance 95% 95%


► Tank levels

► Diesel fuel gauging

► Liquid assets inventory

► High or low level alarms

► Remote monitoring

► Irrigation control

► Wet well and pump controls

► Process batch monitoring & control

Available Options 

► Capacitance level indicator, transmitter and hi-lo switch (probe type / rope type)

► Capacitance level transmitter

► Capacitance level transmitter with panel mounted indicator and hi-lo switch

► Capacitance level switch

► Capacitance level indicator, transmitter and hi-lo switch (rope type)

► Capacitance level transmitter with panel mounted indicator and hi-lo switch

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